Saturday, June 29, 2013

Henny Penny and Seismic Indicators

    Is the sky falling, or have the foundations shifted?  Maybe both but one's perspective determines whether the problem descends from the sky or erupts from the earth.  To those who believe that America is a Christian nation or once was,  the decisions of the Supreme court plus the stand of the President, the triumphalism of Liberalism, and the  seeming avalanche of culture with it's media suggested inevitability is galling, threatening, horrifying, and enraging.  To these folk the judgment of God has either already begun, or will come soon.
    To those who want somehow to be a  Christian witness of the Gospel, with compassion for those in homosexual angst and desire, who believe that Christians are and ought to be a witnessing minority in a world of wickedness (and that without being judgmental or condemning), and that somehow those fundamentalists who are nearly apoplectic represent a terrible witness to the Gospel, are urging a calm, cool, and dispassionate response.
    Though I have some sympathy in both directions I don't think we can or should settle for either option..  Of course there are others who claim to be believers who actually celebrate the Court's decision as an expression of justice and see no issue with allowing homosexuals to enjoy the legal privileges of marriage like everyone else.  Paint me homophobic, since I despise such an opinion.
    Those who hide in pietistic Gospel-speak, while certainly seeming sincere in their desire to be a loving and faithful witness in the midst of a fallen world seem to express no active theology of justice, politics, government, or culture.  One wonders how much of the island needs to be swept out to sea before somebody starts taking erosion seriously.  
    This mild reaction to worse and worse decisions by government, presidents, and the courts seems to imply that it doesn't matter if a nation endorses wickedness, applauds immorality, and allows injustice.  Maybe this is not your "injustice de jure."  I am an American, and though for me it was an accident of Providence (if there can be such a thing), I take my heritage seriously.  I like to consider myself a patriot (IRS leave me alone), but I am not a typical conservative.  I have lived my life for justice, for the poor, for the civil rights of African Americans.  I am inter-racially married.  Along the sojourn of my American experience I came to believe that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to life,  were things we could and should never surrender, and we should pay with our lives if necessary to defend those freedoms.
    Yet, we seem to give our freedoms away now, incrementally, little by little.  While this is happening my Christian brothers and sisters either seem to be terrified or telling me nothing is wrong.  I find both in error, with one side acting as if they have no faith, while the other opinion is unbelievable in its naivete.  I don't ever think panic, fear, hatred, slander, rumor mongering, and lying are acceptable means of disagreeing with our cultural opponents.  I have seen this in some who might call themselves conservative Christians.  The believer should fear God, period.  God is mighty, He will win, and nothing the Devil, all demons, or the wicked can do will change that.  Whatever happens, we must always be hopeful in the love and victory of God.
    However, this doesn't mean the believer shouldn't be angry and realize there is something to hate.  One cannot be righteous without hating evil, and there is plenty of evil to hate.  It seems a lot of my gentle Christian friends find it easier to hate other Christians who embarrass them with their vitriolic demonstrations than the increasing spread of darkness and evil.  We should never hate people, even those whose very clothes we should hesitate to touch.  I think that if you are not bothered by  this development there is something wrong with you, and if you think that the effects of the SCOTUS opinion will not roll downhill speedily, and all of over our freedoms, well just you wait.
    Yes, there has always been evil in the world since mankind introduced it. No, I don't believe evil is always present to the same degree.  Yes, I do believe it grows and I do believe there are times in history when it has been beaten back and freedom and justice have prevailed.  Righteousness does exalt a nation, and sin is a reproach to any people and that fluctuates in history. The court did not force my state to recognize same sex marriage, yet, but it should never have allowed it to be recognized anywhere.  It is not a question of equality before the law but one in which  immorality is forced upon us as the new normal, and those who say it should not are labeled in a pejorative way by the majority of the justices in their official verdict.  What is next?  What political  pursuit will there be against those states who have taken a stand, against those churches, groups, and  individuals who resist this insidious perversion?
   You who tell me not to worry, what will I be able to do for you as your freedoms disappear, as your voice is stilled in the future since you refuse to use it now?  I am not surprised by sin, Lord knows I have enough of my own.  I am not calling for a return to a cruelty to the homosexual, or a failure to love.  I am calling for a sense of urgency not simply about our faith as Christians, but for the survival of our nation as a new tyranny grows.  We must resist this, we must become politically engaged, and we must not stand on the sidelines as if this doesn't matter. Those of you who only want to preach the Gospel gently to your neighbors, and live a life of love, why don't you care about your country?  Do you think the immorality of unbelievers has nothing to do with you, that you and  your children will escape the inevitable squeeze of relativism and the end of your freedom of conscience?  I suppose one shouldn't lose his head over power that sins; someone tell that to John the Baptist .
     I actually read American Christians who say it doesn't matter what happens to America.  Really?  What lazy, apathetic, pie in the sky escapism is that?  What terrible theology to not take life seriously, to not care about the injustice immorality always begets.  America's government is "of the people" so therefore it is us, and we will get what we stand and fight for or it will be taken by others whose vision for America's future is far different from the one for which we had hoped. In case you haven't noticed the other side is fighting for what they believe in.  And yes I think America is important, not because it is the new Israel, or the Kingdom of God, but simply because it is where we live, where I raised my children, where I hope my grandchildren can grow and experience one of the greatest nations the world has seen, that in the midst of its bloody struggle to be great is having its foundations dismantled, and what will we do then, and what turmoil will there be for the world as a result?



  1. While we need to be politically-involved (indeed, be involved with all aspects of life), we also need to understand that we are going to lose a lot of these cultural battles. I don't mean a term like "the inexorable march of history" or nonsense like that, but rather we need to understand the logical progression of things once those in power have come to hold a certain set of beliefs.

    Furthermore, we have to understand that those who hold these beliefs along with the power are imperialistic about what they believe and hold that the rest of us should accept it, too. Eric Holder already has made it clear to DOJ employees that they must not only accept the current political state of affairs as they deal with gays, but also hold such beliefs in their heart.

    Men like Holder and Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are used to having their way and do not like to see others oppose what they fervently believe. They will have no reluctance to use the violence and the police powers of the State to impose those beliefs on others. Obama has announced that he will not force churches to perform gay weddings; fine, except that I do not believe him and I also realize that there are plenty of people working in all three branches of the U.S. Government (not to mention state and local governments) that believe that unless churches fully embrace everything that the current gay lobby wants, then the churches should be smashed.

    At the present time, we in the PCA have some cover because the Roman Catholic Church does not actively endorse women as priests, homosexual priests, and abortion on demand. However, there are plenty of people in Washington and elsewhere that are anxious to break down that barrier and go after the Catholics and anyone else that does not embrace the same views as the United Church of Christ or some other liberal denomination.

    As Christians, we have to understand that this day of which I speak is coming and we are going to have to know how to live in a society where the authorities not only are hostile to what we believe, but also are willing to use force against us, including arrests, torture, and even murder. It has happened elsewhere and sooner or later it will happen here.

    While it will be difficult, nonetheless we also should remember that the Kingdom of God is here and that the Kingdom does not need the approval of the American State or the approval of Barack Obama or Eric Holder or anyone else to exist and even flourish. Yes, I know Obama confesses to be a Christian, but his administration by far is the most hostile one Christians in my lifetime has faced. And note that Obama has been enthusiastic about giving arms and money to Islamist "rebel" groups that have specifically targeted Christians.

    (No, I don't believe Barack Obama is a closet Muslim or even a Marxist or anything like that. He is a True Believer in the religion of American Progressivism, and this is how true Progressivists act.)

    We will have to live our faith in a very different way than we have before, and our Christian brothers and sisters in places like China, Vietnam, the former U.S.S.R. and even ancient Rome have provided the blueprint on living in such conditions. As Francis Shaffer wrote more than 40 years ago, the key will be the love that Christians show each other.

    We also have to understand that there no longer is a large, organized political constituency for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Between the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, the Bill of Rights effectively have been destroyed, and the Progressives have been cheering on the sidelines.

    While I hate to see Americans throwing away the good aspects of their political heritage, nonetheless that is what is happening and we need to be aware of it. And we Christians also need to remember than no matter what the people in power throw at us, we do not have to accept their religion of Progressivism and in our hearts, we still can worship the King of Kings.

  2. Mr. Anderson, I couldn't agree more. I have to admit much less wisdom in this area than yourself Randy, though I am about to finish my Masters in Public Administration and have been thinking a lot lately about the inherently fallen structures of our governments. I too hate to see the degradation and destruction of a well based country, though this progression has been happening in societies throughout history and should be no surprise. I think Rome and Greece are great examples of societies that progressively worked right off their foundations and came crashing down. The meaning of this in our new age world society frankly scares me, though the great need for justice is what unwaveringly draws me into the public sector.

    As you mentioned, there has been no greater time than this for the church to draw together and seek to be churches like those in Acts, which had people flocking to them because they could see the love that was present within them. Another thing that I think will be crucial for the church is a topic that I heard Carl Ellis speak on some moths back, its the embrace of a theology of suffering. Without this we will be lost, but when we realize that our God is one who reveals himself in weakness we can face that head on in the reality of the depravity into which we are called.

    I am so glad that their are men like Randy and yourself that are thinking critically about today's issues and how we must approach them for tomorrow. I am just finishing my education (at least for now) and am excited to to be able to participate in both this sector and the churches approach to the coming age in a more active manner.

    Randy, I cannot go without saying that from my perspective this takes away at all from our need to stand for justice now. An abandonment of government by Christians would be catastrophic. We must indeed gourd our loans, put on the full armor of God and charge at that which is evil, unjust and sinful.

    Thank you for the post, Randy! I enjoyed reading it and now have your page bookmarked so that I can keep up with it on a more regular basis. Mr. Anderson, I appreciate your thoughtful response as well, it helps me articulate some what I have been thinking through. As with all areas of my life, this is one that I could stand to learn much more.

    1. Here is a good book on the historic decline of civilizations from one of our own PCA pastors. Its bit older, but still holds some relevant facts about historical trends: Man Is Not Enough: Why America’s Morals are Dying and Our Opportunity is Now for God’s Renewal. You can find it at . Randy, you might also find it interesting to know that you met its author not to long ago, he happens to be my Grandfather, Carl Wilson.

  3. I'm curious (not trolling) about what your opinion on polygamy in the US is?

    -Rick Mills

  4. Abandon the Word of God and you abandon the will of God. That is true whether it is a denomination sanctioning homosexual clergy, a gay struck national media and entertainment industry, or eventually a president and a supreme court. What we are seeing is the perversion of a culture using a man made document, the Constitution, above a God inspired document, the Holy Bible. Man has long since abdicated any role of denouncing the sinful act of homosexuality. We are paying the price for that today.

    June 30, 2013 at 6:25 AM

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